interior & exterior dizájn

Our 10 years experience in the field of the interior and exterior design was based on the anterior 15 years work in the world of the fashion. In the relation of the houses and the apartments both, the style and the design are always essential regarding the interors and the exteriors.

We visit the most relevant exhibitions to follow the recient trends and to make wider our collections offering products of such forigner producers who are still not available in Hungary.

The Grand Cru nomination comes from the franch laguage. It refers to the best quality category mainly in wineyards but also in other segments. We live in Balaton-felvidéken surranded by beautifull wineyards, we made many houses in this part of Hungary always without any compromise, using the best quality materials and products possible.

We prefer to deel with houses around the Lake Balaton and with apartments in the center of Budapest.
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